Monday, February 13, 2012

Military G2 Service

After leaving high school I was not sure about my future, and requested for an early draft of the military service, one had to fulfill anyway. I started with an infantry role, got into a commando platoon, and went through a long series of tests leading to a G2 functiion at division staff level. 
I was supposed to become a liaison man between the ground troops and the Thunderflash 306 fighter squadron, that flew air photo reconnaissance sorties, for which the targets I had to provide. However, at the time that was a brand-new position, so I was soon redirected to the special school, where different intelligence functions got their crash course training. 
As I was a couple of months early for the course, I had to file and plot thousands of air photos from WWII, mainly taken by British spitfires over Germany. It made me fully aware of the destruction and misery that a war can bring about, and left me a bit older and wiser. 
When my class started, most of my classmates were at least four years older, having already passed examinations, earning grades in a wide variety of disciplnes. Thus, through their presentations and discussions, offering me a free and exciting opening towards a wide range of knowledge realms. It helped me decide on the university study I was going to undertake..