Monday, February 13, 2012

University Employee

As a post-bachelor student, I soon became an assistant in the Planning Institute. After my final cum laude exam, including economics and metrics, I had a choice of positions inside and outside the university. However, for me the choice was evident- the eminent Professor of the Planning Institute, who had determined my study years before, provided the logical work environment. 
Doing so, I overlooked the peculiar situation his Institute was in. He and his Institute had been more or less expelled by the Almighty Professor of the 'Geofaculty' (naming the faculty for short, for reasons of clarity). That way, he and his Institute became part of another faculty, which I will call for short 'Sociofaculty'. As the Institute was still functioning as an independent unit, the main stream of post-bachelor students would still come from the 'Geofaculty', but also from the 'Sociofaculty' to a lesser extent.