Monday, February 13, 2012

Working for a Living while Studying

Although my father did lend me some money, I took the basic position of taking care of myself, and earn myself a living during my study. First of all, through a variety of jobs in factories, which made me aware of our economics in practice. Then, I applied for a job as General-Secretary of the Utrecht Youth Council, which introduced me to the intricate workings of a large town. That is, at policy level. An insight that was profitable, but the job was gradually too much a burden to my study progress, although I managed to complete a full construction course during those years. Luckily, I was offered a job as a high school teacher, which proved to be a more convenient job for switching back to my original study. 
So, after I was expelled from the study by the Almighty Professor, I had been advised to do a construction course. It happened to be of great interest to me, as now I acquired full technical knowledge. It also brought about two refreshing insights - again high marks for my exams, and the conviction, that it was not me who was wrong, but the Almighty Professor. So I went again succesfully through a couple of pre-exams, until the Almighty Professor wanted me to go down the expelling route of a main exam. However, the other professors now refused to cooperate, so he was forced to hand me my bachelors, apparently against his will. 
Having earned my bachelors opened the road to become a planner, and join the Institute of the eminent Lecturer, now Professor, with an independent Institute.